Scores & Gradings

ijmb grades

How IJMB Points Are Being Calculated.

For a student that register for (3) Subjects with grade such as Physics (A); Chemistry (B); then Biology (C), the total number of points scored is calculated as follows;

Scores Grades Points
70% – 100% A 5 Points
60% – 69% B 4 Points
50% – 59% C 3 Points
45% – 49% D 2 Points
40% – 44% E 1 Point
39% and Below F 0 Point


Subject Grade
Physics A
Chemistry B
Biology C
Total 12 Points + 1 Bonus Point


In fig 1.2 ; A Bonus point is awarded to the point scored by every candidate provided he or she do not score (F) in any of the subject offered during the programme.

Furthermore, many universities have stipulated minimum of passes (i.e. grades E) in two(2) subjects among the three(3) subjects on offer, you will realize that general performance in the examination rather suggests these universities admit students with higher grades. Hence, it is of utmost important that students concentrate their efforts to secure sufficient scores for better